Stateline Veteran Receives Military Honor Five Decades Later

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After five decades, 10 U.S. Presidents and most of his adult life, Byron's Linn Weber finally gets the military's oldest honor.

"I forgot about it for about 50 years. Too busy with family and civilian life," Weber said.

Last week, Weber picked up his Purple Heart, five decades after he served as a combat engineer in the Korean War. In early 1952, Weber stepped on a landmine, and shrapnel ripped through his leg.

"I thought I lost my leg at the time, I finally had guts enough to look down and see what happened," Weber said.

After he was discharged, Linn and his wife Jo went on with their lives, and didn't give the Purple Heart much thought. In recent years, however, the couple got involved in the search, and last month, the military came through.

"It's a thrill to be able to have it, for the generations, for the kids to have it when he's gone. When we're gone," wife Jo Weber said.

And though he received his Purple Heart 50 years late, Weber isn't bitter. In fact, he has a newfound respect and appreciation for the honor.

"I spent time in the hospital with dozens of people ten times worse off then I was. I'm glad I got it, and I'm humbled by it," Weber said.

A humbling honor for the area's latest recipient of the Purple Heart, at the proud age of 76.