Local Woman Reflects on Drinking Dangers

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For the first time ever, 24-year-old Terrika Cross watches the horrific footage of the night she barely came out alive.

"I'm blessed. I survived a very serious car accident that could have cost myself my life," Cross said.

Cross was heading home from a club on that fateful August 2005 night but only made it to Morgan and Dickerman Street. She'd been drinking, lost control of her car and lost consciousness.

"What was going through your mind when you woke up in the hospital?”

"How did I do it, and why. I couldn't believe it," Cross said.

Cross suffered a concussion, along with chest and hand injuries. She now uses the accident as a tool to inform others of drinking dangers.

"You gotta know the stuff you cannot do and can do as far as drinking and driving, and thinking nothing will happen," Cross said.

And as 2006 kicked off Saturday at midnight, Cross celebrated without alcohol, extremely thankful a bad choice wasn't a life-ending choice.

"I'm strong. I'm a survivor, and I thank God now everyday for my life," Cross said.

A new year, a new perspective on life for one area woman, who nearly mixed drinking and driving with death.