New Illinois Laws

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--Requires trigger-lock mechanisms to be included with the sale of any gun. SB1832.

--Stun guns and Tasers cannot be purchased unless the buyer has a Firearm Owners ID card. SB1962.

--Requires prison time, instead of probation, for some crimes involving unlawful use of a weapon. HB524.

--Methamphetamine makers and users can be fined an extra $100, with the money going to help police deal with the cost of fighting meth. HB3504.

--Cold medicines that can be used to make meth must be kept behind the counter and sold only to people who show ID and sign a log. SB273.


-- "Yo-yo waterball" toys are banned. SB1960.

--School districts must teach athletes about the dangers of steroid abuse. SB64.

--People who commit domestic battery in the presence of a child must pay the child's counseling bills. HB3449.

--Parents may take their children into the voting booth. HB1125.

--Nursing mothers may be excused from jury duty. SB517.

--Parents who marry or live with a sex offender must tell their children's other parent. HB712.

--The legal age for getting a tattoo becomes 18, rather than 21. HB29.


--Drivers may not have a television or DVD player in the front seat. HB960.

--Increases the penalties for multiple convictions for driving with a license that has been revoked because of DUIs. HB888.

--After five previous convictions, drunken driving becomes a Class X felony, punishable by 6-30 years.

--Bars the use of devices that jam police lasers and radars used to detect speeders. SB1221.

--Makes drunken driving a more serious crime if a child under 16 is in the car. HB657.


--Companies must notify consumers if their personal information may have been viewed by potential identity thieves. HB1633.

--Job and housing discrimination based on sexual orientation is illegal. Public Act 93-1078.

--Drugstores must disclose the price of medicine to people who call to do comparison shopping. HB2451.

--The state's 300,000 day laborers get new protection from being cheated by their employers. HB3471.


--Sex offenders must register more quickly, and anyone convicted of breaking the registration law must then register every 90 days instead of annually. SB1234.

--Makes the Eastern Tiger Salamander the official state amphibian, and the Painted Turtle the official state reptile. HB847.

--State and local governments must recognize the consular identification cards issued by foreign governments and often used by Mexican immigrants. SB1623.

--People in jail awaiting trial may not be barred from voting. HB114.

--Modern-day slavery and human trafficking becomes a state crime. HB1469.

--Creates an organ-donor registry so that person's decision to donate cannot be reversed by grieving relatives. HB1077.

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