Thousands Help Military Wife Look for Wedding Ring

STATELINE (WIFR) -- Thousands of people are reaching out on Facebook to a local military wife who lost her wedding rings during a trip to CherryVale Mall.

Ashley Mulryan says she took the rings off while washing her hands in the bathroom earlier this month. She says she forgot to put them back on and ended up leaving the area. When she returned to retrieve them the rings were already gone. Mulryan says she’s offering a $500 reward for the jewelry which she believes is more than the bands are worth. She says the pieces means a lot to her considering her husband is deployed in Afghanistan.

So far more than 3-thousand people have shared her story on Facebook trying to locate the rings.

“It is so awesome how many people are sharing my photo,” said Mulryan. “I couldn't be any more appreciative. With my husband deployed, they are all that I had here of him and I just want them back so bad.”

Ashley says the rings can be returned to the mall or police station. She says she just wants them back. Her husband was deployed earlier this year. She says the rings have his fingerprint.

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