Telemarketer Helps Save Man's Life

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It's a story filled with more than one ironic twist. It all began on Tuesday, when 85-year-old Stanley Bauch was unloading his groceries out of his car.

"He fell about 15 feet from his door. He was able to crawl to his door and, fortunately, it wasn't locked. He was able to push the door open and crawl into the house--but couldn't get off the floor," says Sgt. Shan MacAdams with the Stephenson County Sheriff's Department.

Bauch attempted to call for help but his phone wasn't allowing him to make outgoing calls. He laid on the floor for more than a day until the phone rang around 1 pm Wednesday. The person on the other end was a telemarketer from New York.

"I said don't hang up..whatever you do, don't hang up. And I told him my predicament. I said I'm going to die unless you get someone out here to help me. And I told them where I was, and my gosh, she did--she hung in there," says Bauch.

Crystal Roselle from First Guaranteed Mortgage told her co-worker to call 911. The Saratoga Springs, New York dispatcher than looked up the Stephenson County Sheriff's Department phone number on the Internet and called. Crystal remained on the line until Sgt. Shan MacAdam arrived.

"The credit goes to Crystal. She could have easily done what many people would have done and blown off the call and gone on to her next call, but she didn't do that. She stuck with the call, made sure he received assistance...she's the one who deserves all the accolades," says MacAdam.

Bauch says he typically hangs up on telemarketers. The irony is that this telemarketer saved his life.

"He was very grateful--I don't think he'll ever hang up on another telemarketer again," says MacAdam.