Safety Checks In Full Force

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Seat belt checks are all part of National Child Passenger Safety week. Illinois State Police will be out watching for drivers who fail to buckle up child passenger.

Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death to children, killing over on1,000 each year. In an effort to reduce that number Illinois State Police have introduced Child Passenger Safety Week.

Parents brought their car seats to Fairway Ford in Freeport to be checked out by Stephenson County Health department and Freeport Police. Inspectors found that children were not properly strapped in or traveling in car seats that don't fit their child.

These checks couldn't come at a better time especially since police will be out in full force looking for people who are not wearing their seatbelts and who do not have children properly strapped in.

Children are supposed to be in car seats or booster chairs until they are eight-years-old or 80 pounds. It is also important to note that car seats expire and you should not keep the same car seat all eight years.