Illinois Cracking Down On DUI Offenders

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New laws will take effect as we enter the New Year. The state is cracking down on repeated DUI offenders with multiple convictions. They now could face up to thirty years in prison.

Winnebago County State's Attorney, Paul Logli says, "If someone is found guilty of aggravated DUI that is being involved in a accident where people are killed and there intoxication was a direct cause of that in the first instance the court should consider imprisonment."

Criminals with six DUI convictions could serve six to 30 years in prison. While persons convicted of 5 offenses face four to 15 years with no eligibility or probation. And finally, fourth time offenders face three to seven years in prison.

If you are a first time offender, you don't have insurance or a license, and you get caught you could serve one to three years in jail.

Over the past year rockford police department has investigated several drunk driver fatalities. The most recent is this one that happened on Monday on North Second Street where four people were injured and one man arrested on DUI charges. With these new stiffer penalties investigators hope to see more sober drivers.

Sgt. Dave Hopkins from the Rockford Police Department says, "It will help us, we need to put strategies for the apprehension the drunk drivers, the impaired driver, but also the followup to keep them off the road."

Other DUI changes include tougher convictions when a child under 16 is a passenger in the car, they face increased fines.