No Layoffs at Newell Rubbermaid

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There have been fears over the past couple of weeks that many positions at Freeport's Newell Rubbermaid were going to be eliminated or transferred.

Rumors have been circulating over the past couple of weeks that Freeport based Newell Rubbermaid would relocate their corporate headquarters from Stephenson County to Atlanta, but Thursday afternoon the company silenced those rumors and guaranteed that 335 executive and support positions in Freeport are staying.

The company says that some 60 to 70 executive and support positions from across the country will be transferred to a new product training facility in Atlanta. They say there was some confusion that those jobs would be transferred from Freeport. They say that is not true.

The company says some of those executives could be from Freeport, but says that is a long way off and does not involve any of their payroll or accounting positions as previously thought. Economic leaders are relieved by the news.

Now the Newell Rubbermaid product training facility in Atlanta should be complete by 2005. And again will not eliminate any current jobs at the Freeport facility.