Nuisance Ordinance in Effect

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If you've ever had that neighbor you can't stand living next door to, the city of Beloit may be the city you should move to.

The Beloit city council voted and passed a new public nuisance ordinance Monday night. The ordinance makes property owners responsible for anything that is unsafe, offensive, unhealthy, or obstructive. Examples include standing water, decayed animal remains and trash, loud music or noise, tall grass and weed growth, and even burning within the city limits.

Council members and police say the public nuisance ordinance will make it easier for apartment owners to get rid of troublesome tenants - and make it easier for police to take care of problematic people.

Each offense could carry up to $500 fine; in addition to the public nuisance ordinance that passed, a spray paint and graffiti ordinance also got voted through.

In the city of Beloit, it is now illegal for kids under the age of 18 to buy spray paint and wide tipped paint brush materials.

Graffiti must be removed from property within a week long period or the property owner will face fines.

The new ordinances in Beloit are effective immediately, police say they've been preparing to enforce the new ordinances since they were introduced several months ago.