Winter Weather Travel Tips

Travel is an often unavoidable complication to the holiday season. Taking just a few extra steps in your preparation could make the trip easier, or at least put your mind at ease if faced with hazardous weather.

Most of us know it is a good idea to keep jumper cable s and warm clothes in the car during the winter season. The American Red Cross has a list of additional items that should be taken along, that you may not have though of yourself. Among these items include a bright colored cloth. If you car slides far from the road or you are stranded in a major snow storm the cloth can be place it a closed door facing the road. The brightly color cloth will stand out against the snow alerting passers by and authorities that a vehicle is stranded.

Even in the 21st century it is possible to be stranded by the road for hours, or even longer than a full day. It is these times where any small amount of food can come in handy. Canned nuts or even candy are a good idea to have because of their high calorie count.

Finally, grab a small bag of sand for the trunk of your car for those times you slip just off the road. By scattering the sand around your car tires you may be able to get just enough traction to safely make it back to the road.

Even if you don’t run into the wrath of old man winter in the next couple days, at least your car will be packed up and ready to go for the long winter season that lies ahead.