Village Adds On to its Already Growing Housing Boom

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This snowy field in Rockton won't be empty much longer. Tuesday night, the village board ok’ed the community's latest housing development. It's more homes, and more momentum.

"It's great to be in this position where we have people wanting to be here, rather than some other communities in the state where people are leaving and wanting to go elsewhere," Rockton Village President Dale Adams said.

Construction for the first 70 of the 250 plus homes is scheduled for the spring. Kensington East will be just south of the future Wal-Mart SuperCenter on Rockton Road, a corridor suddenly emerging with opportunity.

Rockton's village president says the future key for the village is which land should remain open fields, or which land should be open for residential and business development.

"Although we are growing rapidly, I think that having a balanced growth, we try to balance our residential growth with commercial growth, and so far it's working quite well," Adams said.

Adams describes Rockton's Wal-Mart as a magnet for other future retail. He says, however, village leaders are carefully controlling the growth, and the village's Main Street identity.

"Rockton historically has been kind of a sleepy bedroom community outside of the community growth corridor, but we need to change that. We need to change that, we need some property tax relief for the residential people moving into our community," Adams said.

It’s a community soon to get a big jolt with both new homes and hopefully new tax dollars.

Rockton's village board also approved an overhaul of the former Wagon Wheel Property. The founder of is scheduled to build a 30,000 square foot office building. The building will go up starting in the spring and should employ about 100 people.