Military Mom

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As the U.S. made its case against Iraq and more and more troops are deployed overseas, a local woman deals with having not one but two family members serving in the army.

Trish Rooney doesn't know when she'll be able to speak to her son, let alone see him, again. She says life hasn't been easy, knowing he's on the front line in the war on terror.

"The first time was the worst. The first time when there was a battle in Afghanistan and you don't know at first where it is. Just a report that there's a battle and then you find out it's his division - the 82nd airborne division - and you just wait," said Rooney.

She's had a lot of waiting to do since her son, Private First Class Patrick Harris, was called to Afghanistan. It's already been a month since that long drive to the airport.

"When he was getting ready to get on the plane I said, I want one more hug - just in case this is the last time and as it turns out it was the last time I got to see him before he left for Afghanistan," Rooney said.

Rooney's son-in-law, Corporal Walter Schmitt, is also in the army. He is currently stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky, but Rooney says that may be changing very soon.

"The rumors are flying fast and furious about just how fast they'll be shipped out and where they'll be deployed to," said Rooney.

And each time another troop and another soldier is called to duty, Rooney has a message for their family:

"Be sure you get that hug and kiss, and have faith that they're doing an important job and they'll be home again," Rooney said.

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