1st Oxygen Treatment

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Over the past couple of months 23 News has been following Jeremy Law. A little one-year old boy has been diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or more commonly known as a traumatic brain injury.

It took a lot for Jeremy, his mom Patricia and sister Amber to walk through this door. But what awaits them on the other side could be the right stimulates to give Jeremy's brain a boost.

Mother Patricia Law says, “What a great present for Jeremy."

This experience came from all of you. In October $8,300 dollars was raised to send Jeremy to the Midwest Hyperbaric Institute in Bolingbrook. Insurance wouldn't cover this procedure. The family footed the bill for the rest of the trip by selling items on E-bay.

Pat says, "I gathered things we never use and we funded the whole stay."

What happens inside an oxygen chamber could repair Jeremy's nerve tissue. Dr. Ron Holt tells 23 News, “In someone like Jeremy's case better swallowing, less spasms, a little more awareness it varies with individuals."

100% oxygen is the only drug treatment for a traumatic brain injury. When Jeremy is inside the body chamber the atmospheric pressure is increased. It's like being 16 feet below sea level or landing a plane. Jeremy's mom pat just hopes this improves his quality of life.

Pat stated, "Although he moves his limbs I think that this would make him function better so he can grab and push toys on his own."

After one hour, Jeremy and his sister both breathe a sigh of relief since one treatment down and there were no complications.

The Midwest Hyperbaric Institute is going to be very familiar with the Law family. In all Jeremy will receive 40 one-hour treatments. The family expects to return to Rockford on February 15th for good but plan on coming home for the holidays. Midwest Hyperbaric opened in June of 2004. This is one of the few free-standing clinics in the United States.

If you would like to learn more about Jeremy log onto www.jeremylaw.4t.com.