Nicor Bills

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Darrell Koltchoff says he was just shocked when he opened this month's natural gas bill.

"I can remember some of the coldest winters we ever had and I never paid that much."

Recently retired and living in his for more than 30 years, Darrell was outraged to learn his gas bill was almost $200. He's winterized his home, windows and doors, turned down the thermostat, and is using space a heater, but he says his bill was still twice as high as last year.

Darrell says he's not been given any explanation for the increase. But a spokesperson from Nicor believes the main reason for this year’s high cost is due to the country's natural disasters from Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

Koltchoff thinks to pay for this month's bill he will cut into his other expenses and he isn't sure how next month's bill will add up, but now expects the worst.

"It seems the big boys on top keep getting richer and the rest of us keep getting taxed.”

Nicor says this month’s natural gas bills increased 40-50 percent