From the Pulse: Tornado Sirens a False Alarm

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- Tornado sirens sent many Stateliners scrambling to their basements last night, though we learned later that it was a false alarm.

Dozens of you took to our Facebook page to find out how it happened. Here's what we found out.

Shortly after 8:30 sunday night, Winnebago County emergency dispatchers activated the county's tornado siren system, even though no tornado warning was in place.

That's because they received a report from a volunteer firefighter, who thought he spotted a tornado on the ground near Durand moving in an unknown direction through the county.

It came at the same time the county was receiving multiple reports of damage, which according to Sheriff Dick Meyers was enough to prompt the sirens being activated.

"We chose to set them off based on where we got the report from and within a minute of that we got a call from a gentleman saying his barn just got blown apart. That is why we set them off, I think our Sergeant did a good job in doing that," he said.

Meyers says despite the report being false, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Damage from last nights storms was caused by straight line winds and not an actual tornado.

The county says the best thing we can do when we hear a siren is head to our tornado safe spot.

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