Fire Safety

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Our life's possessions gone in minutes, and in many cases unnecessary because the fires which destroyed them could have been prevented.

Area firefighters have been fighting an increased number of house fires so far this winter. In many cases these blazes were caused by people not using common sense. They're looking for alternative heating sources or using candles carelessly.

Chief Philip Foley from the Loves Park Fire Department says, "With today's gas prices people are using alternative heat sources and wood burning stoves. Some people are installing them themselves and not doing it correctly."

So before you turn to space heaters and candles, make sure you keep a close eye on them and not put them near any flammable objects.

Remember, those smoke detectors we all should have in our homes need to be in working order. We all need heat and we should all be careful so that heat is not from a disastrous fire where we live.