Stolen Puppies Found

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In the 20 plus years Williams Tree Farm has been breeding and displaying golden retrievers nothing like this has ever happened...

"Two of them were gone. At first, I thought the mom knocked the cage, but we searched all over, and they weren't there," says Karen Williams.

Williams was terribly distraught, two 5-week old puppies had been stolen.

"It was a roller coaster of emotions--we love our customers, but somebody had to have done this. It was kind of a real paradox of people doing wonderful things, and then somebody doing something not so wonderful," says Williams.

But on Sunday, Williams' prayers were answered.

"It was through an anonymous tip. Somebody that knew about the litter and they heard something in the school system. We were able to basically, by a series of miracles, track them down....and we got them back early Monday night," says Williams.

"The puppies went missing at an ironic time, just as the Williams Tree Farm crew was preparing to head down south to distribute trees, ornaments and other goodies to Katrina victims."

"The semi has left, full of trees, trims and all kinds of stuff. We've got like 600 stuffed animals to give away," says Williams.

Williams says getting the pups back was a Christmas miracle. The puppies are safe at home and now Williams and her friends head to the gulf coast to ensure that those left homeless by Katrina will feel the miracle of Christmas as well...

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department helped with the retrieval of the puppies. No charges are being filed. Williams’s tree farm is sending more than 200 Christmas trees to the gulf coast. The group will make stops in New Orleans and Waveland, Mississippi.