Air Pollution

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A new report says it's unhealthy to breathe the air in two Rockford neighborhoods. There is something blowing in the wind but the question is where is it coming from and how much are we affected? Two areas in Rockford are affected by industrial air pollution. This information comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Data collected by the Federal Government. The people are most at-risk for long term health problems who live in the area bounded in to the north by Auburn, to the east at 251, to the south at Whitman, and to the west at North Main. The other area is bounded by to the north Broadway, to the east 20th Street, to the south Harrison, and to the west Kishwaukee. In all more than 280 Illinois neighborhoods are affected. Rockford comes in twice among the top 20 neighborhoods that tie pollution to an increased potential for health problems. This is such a new federal report that state and local officials really haven't been exposed to the findings. The Illinois EPA office is forwarding the information to their Bureau of Air. It is also too early to pinpoint what manufacturing sites in Rockford might be contributing to our poor air quality. In terms of counties with the highest potential health risk from industrial air pollution Whiteside county is number ten on the list. That is based on nationwide results.