Petitions and Pay

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The Rockford School board didn't have a very big agenda Tuesday night but one school sure made a big statement. The district continues to get an earful from concerned parents and staff members. Tuesday night a parent from Washington Elementary school gave the board 300 signatures that support keeping the school open. By the 2007- 2008 school year students at Washington could be moved to Barbour.

A main part of the meeting dealt with how 33 students would be disciplined as the focus is still on student behavior. The only other decision centered on merit-based pay. Two weeks ago the board rejected a compensation plan for central office administrators. This time around, the plan passed. Board member David Kelley changed his decision. Kelley says this time the proposal spread the pay raises out over two years. But not everyone agrees. Board member Jay Nellis voted against the raises. Nellis went on to say how he wants the public to see the board as being financially responsible. Especially with the district planning on placing a 58 cent tax levy on the November ballot. The district plans on starting to really push information on that referendum starting in January.