No More Free Shipping

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You remember the concerts, the fundraisers, and all the red, white and blue. We rallied as one to support our troops. One Rockford business used its ability to pack and ship.

Postal Shoppe Co-owner of Patty Hinkle says, "Sometimes family members can't afford what's in the box let alone ship it. It's a really good feeling to offer that to people."

For the past 3 years the Postal Shoppe at Edgebrook Shopping Center in Rockford has been the link between family members in the Stateline and their loved one overseas. The store's owners picked up the cost for a family member to ship a flat rate package once a week to someone in the military. That service cost the store about $2,000 a month. With donations slowing down, the owners had to make a tough choice. Hinkle states that, "At the end of the year we won't do free shipping but we will plan on 10% off for military packages." Each package costs about $7.70 to ship so you can only imagine the expense when 20 – 30 people came in weekly to send a surprise. Hinkle goes on to say, "We like everyone else have bills to pay we don't want to stop it but we can only do so much."

Patty would like to thank everyone who has donated money over the years. And for our brave troops overseas, the generosity shown by Patty and all of the Stateline was equally Priceless. For those that will be sending care packages to someone in the military, it's recommended that you go with Priority mail. For those sending holiday cheer to a loved one not overseas you should use Priority mail now then after December 22nd you should go with Express mail.