A Visual Understanding

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With the shuttle disaster still on many minds, schools changed their curriculum for the day. Teachers wanted to give students time to vent or ask questions. One Rockford teacher is bringing more than just her overwhelming knowledge about NASA, she's giving the students a hands on chance to understand.

Right now preliminary results suggest that thermal tiles that protect the shuttle from being burned during re-entry could have caused the shuttle's destruction. That's a lot for school kids to sometimes comprehend with all their many other questions. So, a Christian Life science and math teacher is yet again taking on the mission.

It's not the best of conditions but NASA is a topic that teacher Christy Saunders thrives on. In June, Christy became a NASA certified teacher. As she did for the Challenger explosion, Christy pushed aside her lesson plans to make sure her students get a chance to voice concerns.

The big questions the kids had, "Why did this happen?" To help answer their many questions Christy brought in two tiles that the students passed around. Christy says uses caution when answering the many questions students are wondering.

The Colombia disaster isn't putting a stop to Christy's dream of being the second teacher in space. Until then she'll continue to pass her knowledge here on earth.