May He Rest In Peace

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He's a hometown boy who chose a career where he could protect the community he loved. Friday afternoon the veteran officer who was laid to rest. Officer Ed Ritter had a passion for life. He took pride in his family and was proud to be a part of an even bigger family, the Rockford Police Department.

Mayor Larry Morrissey said, "It was the day to day commitment of Ed Ritter that made this city safe."

Officer Ritter has been on the force for 13 years. He was a patrol officer and member of the SWAT team. Over and over again at Ritter's funeral many expressed how shocking and foolish his passing is to them.

Acting Rockford Police Chief Dominic Iasparro says, "You were strong but you shared their pain for a man you all loved. You remained professional even through a police officer was now the victim of a senseless crime."

Chief Iasparro told those in the audience that members of the Rockford Police Department including Ritter always display pride and dignity. The same sentiment also came from Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey who addressed Ritter's two children.

Morrissey said, "Know that your father was a man of strength and dignity and led in a calm dignified manor everyday." Not a day will go by that those he touched won’t think of him and smile.

Ritter was beaten outside of the Whiffletree bar in Roscoe at the end of November. 22-year-old Anthony Montalbano has been charged with aggravated battery but further charges could be forthcoming.

The Rockford Police Department has set up a college trust fund for Ritter's two children who are 8 and 13.