The Chronicles of Narnia

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"It was really breathtaking," says 5th grader Keirnan Truckenbrod.

"I thought it was really good and I think other people should see it," says 5th grader Reid Wixom.

Rockford's Showplace 16 was filled with school groups Friday afternoon. The eagerly anticipated movie "The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” is playing on four screens, and those tickets are a hot commodity.

"It was so fantastical, everything was perfect. It went with the book very well," says 8th grade teacher Kristina Olsen.

The movie, based on the best selling book, tells the tale of four siblings who stumble upon a wardrobe that leads them to an enchanted world involved in a battle of good and evil. The movie is filled with religious symbolism, and the Walt Disney company targeted a large portion of marketing at faith-based groups, creating excitement within the religious community.

"There are some religious leaders that are hoping with the new technologies we have, that people who may not be reading will still be drawn to the story, and it's a great story, and it's a great way of translating an ancient story from a biblical context into another type of story," says Pastor Bob Hillenbrand with First Presbyterian Church in Rockford.

Fifth grade teacher Kristina Olsen says a beautiful metaphorical tale lies beneath the stunning visual piece.

"There's a lot of Christian symbolism, but C.S. Lewis made it so it was accessible to everyone. It's not overpowering. People of any religion can understand it," says Olsen.