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After one month, Mary Cacis is proud to say that she is smoke-free.

"I don't have any cravings for cigarettes, I even don’t think about cigarettes."

A smoker for 25 years, Mary decided to kick the habit after experiencing the deaths of her parents from smoking related diseases, but now Mary says after one treatment from Laser Associates, her overall mental attitude and health have changed.

"I have more energy. I'm in good mood every day."

The laser is used on pressure points on the face and hands. These pressure points send messages to the brain. These messages block nicotine cravings, and best of all, there is no pain.

Laser therapist Terry Walker says, "It allows them to quit without any physical cravings or withdraw so the patient can cease nicotine intake with any."

Following the initial 30 minute treatment, patients come back within a week for a booster checkup.

"But you have to work on the mental addiction as well, it’s something they've done their entire life, day in and day out, "says Walker.

The office has been open about two months, and 250 people have successfully used the treatment to stop smoking.