City Vehicle Stickers On Sale

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It's busier than usual at City Hall, as the new city vehicle stickers go on sale. 23 News takes a look at the process and where the money goes.

The deadline for the new city stickers isn't until April 1, but that didn't stop some 500 Rockford residents from getting in line early to beat the rush.

"It's a nice day to get out plus I don't like to wait until the last minute because sometimes I forget and they add the penalty on there," said Carl Clement, Rockford driver.

Clement bought a sticker for his motorcycle, which he says is a good way to support the city. But not everyone does.

"I have heard of some people getting in trouble for not getting the sticker," Clement said.

Each year the city sells about 77,000 vehicle stickers bringing in $1.2 to the city for routine street maintenance. Money that keeps the city rolling in tough economic times. The issue of compliance is one Mayor Doug Scott plans to address.

"It's not as good as it could be and we'd like it to be better. So we're exploring a couple of different ways to try and make that better both involving the secretary of states office," said Mayor Scott.

Mayor Scott says he eventually hopes to eliminate the city vehicle stickers but for now, there's no other way to fill that hole in the city's budget.

The stickers cost $15 or double the price if purchased after March 31. Seniors pay just $9. Police can ticket residents who do not have the proper city sticker.