2006 Tax Referendum

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The district is putting on a 2006 tax referendum. It's as simple as “yes” or “no” come this November. That decision is worth $14.2 million dollars to the Rockford Public School District.

Monday night the Operations Committee voted to approve a November referendum. For the past five years the district has been getting about $0.58 from each taxpayer. That money goes into the education fund to pay for things like books, teachers’ salaries and classroom supplies. Five years ago school board members said they made a promise to all of us that money from a referendum would get the budget under control and reduce the deficit. Those are promises that School Board Member Jay Nellis says the district has kept. There was some debate Monday night about putting the question on a March ballot. But Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson said that is not enough time to get information out. The State Board of Education also notified the district that Lathrop and West View have made adequate yearly progress.