Funeral Protest

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It’s a demonstration causing quite the controversy but members of Westboro Baptist Church say they don't expect to be appreciated as they plan on protesting Monday’s funeral services for Lance Corporal Andrew Patten.

The Kansas based church started demonstrating regularly this summer, and say military deaths in Iraq are a punishment from God. They also believe the country's major disasters, homeland attacks, and acceptance of homosexuality are all apart of God's wrath. But the protests have nothing to do with the sexuality of the fallen marine.

Deputy Chief Greg Lindmark from the Rockford Police Department says, "They’ll be plans in place regardless whether they come or not were preparing not only for the possibility of protestors but also for a large volume of traffic, a large volume of pedestrian traffic."

Westboro members have protested numerous military funerals around the country and keep and updated scheduled events on their website. The group typically includes about a dozen people.