Hurricane Katrina Volunteers Reflect On Progress Made

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"It absolutely changes your perspective and your heart. It makes you more compassionate for people in Rockford," Jon McNary said.

Since September, Hurricane Katrina relief was Jon and Ashley McNary's everyday commitment. In ravaged Waveland, Mississippi, the two - alongside Heartland community church volunteers - delivered thousands of clothes, and helped a region slowly come back together.

"The businesses are coming back which is really good, because when the businesses come back, the people want to build their houses because they know there's going to be an economy there," McNary said.

The couple, who returned from the Gulf this weekend, says tremendous progress was made in two months. With 70,000 hurricane victims utilizing our local relief goods, a state of destruction is now a state of reconstruction.

"We helped people get back on their feet through the relief effort and now it's really recovery. We are helping clear people's houses and their land," McNary said.
Neighbors across the nation, helping a devastated area move from relief to recovery.