Winter Weather

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No matter where you go this week it is all about braving the cold temperatures with heavy coats, hats, scarves, gloves and anything to help keep us warm.

A Rockford postal man says,” There’s no such thing as getting used to it you try to put it out of your mind, and you just try no to think about it much cuz you already know its cold."

23 News Chief Meteorologist Mark Henderson says this winter blast will stick around until the end of the week. This presents a major challenge to all of us in getting on maintaining our daily routines.

"We don't bundle up like this everyday, but mostly were staying inside, but we need groceries so we had to make a break for the grocery store,” says Bill Thumme. "I just love the snow, but don't like the cold says,” Judy Ebersole.

So, whether you were delivering mail or working on roads or streets the battle to stay warm is a necessity, even if pulling a blanket over our heads seems like a more appealing option.