Parents Reflect on the Life of Their Late Military Son

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"He didn't have any enemies, just a great kid. I couldn't ask for a better son," father Alan Patten said.

"He was just a great son, patriotic, wanted to serve his country," mother Gayle Patten-Naschansky said.

In speaking with his grief-filled parents, you understand the dedication the late Lance Corporal Andrew Patten had in both the military, and in life.

"He felt the Marines were the elite force, and that's where he wanted to go from the start," his mother said.

The 2004 Byron graduate died outside of Fallujah Thursday from a roadside bomb. Before his seven-month deployment to Iraq, Patten was enthusiastic about the call to defend his nation.

"He just said that he had a mission and was gonna go there and do the mission and them come home," Andrew's father said.

Tragically, that mission was cut short before its completion. Now, Patten's parents and friends lean on each other as they mourn their Marine, a Marine so musical, so caring, and now so deeply missed.

"It's kind of a long process, the way everything has happened. It's going to be a lot to deal with, so we just take it an hour at a time," Andrew's mother said.

But now every second the reality sinks in for these parents that their military son is never coming home.

Funeral arrangements are still being worked out for Lance Corporal Andrew Patten. There will be a visitation for the fallen Marine at Olson Funeral Chapels. Then, his body will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.