State Standards Change

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A big decision by the states appeals board on Friday could impact thousands of students in Illinois. The panel decided to lower the score that students need to reach for the Illinois Standard Achievement Test.

Previously fifth and sixth graders needed to get a score of 156. But an appeal from the Carl Sandburg School in Freeport today convinced the board that the cutoff for passing should be lowered one point to 155.

The reason is the scale made it impossible for students to get a mark of 156, because students could only get an odd numbered score. So many students at Carl Sandburg School who scored 155 did not meet state standards.

When students pass, so do schools. Carl Sandburg School needed a certain number of students to pass this achievement test, in order to make adequate yearly progress under the no child left behind law.

This change in the scoring could mean the school and many others now meet the no child left behind standards. The decision has to get the approval of the state school board. They will make a ruling on December 15th.