Bowling for Benny

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Outpouring donations and letters of encouragement have all been sent to Benny. This mixed beagle is making a successful recovery after being hit by a car. But unfortunately due to mounting medical bills, a Rockford family of four is in need of paying for his surgery.

That's why the Auburn Animal Clinic is sponsoring a public fundraiser to help pay for his expenses.

Accounts Recoverable Manager at Auburn Animal Clinic Jennifer Hinzpeter says she and the other ladies at Auburn Animal Clinic decided that they were going to do a benefit for Benny because his surgeries are very expensive and run over $3,000.

Only a few short weeks after he was adopted the accident left Benny with two broken legs and crushed pelvis. Animal caretakers at the clinic say with those high expenses he would have been put to sleep.

Bowlin' for Benny's fundraiser will be held at Forest Hills Lanes or Cherry Bowl this Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon, and if you can't make it you can make donations to the Auburn Animal Clinic at 2515 Auburn Street, Rockford, Illinois 61101.