Parts on Board

Columbia Lost

Hamilton Sundstrand is an aerospace company in which almost 300 people in Rockford are a part of.

Aboard the Columbia space shuttle were two back-up space suits used to explore space and a life support system. Both products made locally at Hamilton Sundstrand. The company also makes auxiliary power unites that drive hydraulic pumps. The shuttle uses them for speed brakes, flaps, and landing gear.

Stephen Fleeman an engineer for the aerospace program is on a team to check out the electrical systems that support the orbiter. Fleeman said he's going through some of the same feelings that he experienced when the challenger exploded. He said this makes you loose your belief in what you are doing.

Fleeman said that Hamilton Sundstrand and NASA are committed to detail and are constantly finding new ways to improve. Company representatives say that both the Rockford and Connecticut based company are waiting to hear how the can support NASA.