Well Water Safety

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Winnebago County is one of the top 10 counties in the state for the most private owned water wells. Even though drinking water is much cleaner and safer today than in the past, the state is encouraging private well owners to test their drinking water.

It's a life necessity, and whether you take it for granted or not, the state is pushing private well water owners, especially in Winnebago County to test their drinking water annually for potential contamination.

Ruth Roth who serves as Winnebago County’s Health Department Ground Water coordinator says, “There are approximately 20,000 ground water wells in Winnebago County and many of these are older."

Drinking water in Illinois is much cleaner and safer today than in the past, but private well water can become contaminated by bacteria or manmade chemicals. That's why the only way to ensure your well water is safe, is to test it.

"Some of the wells are actually well pits which are in the ground are very vulnerable and susceptible to surface water getting into the well causing bacteria to appear in your drinking water," says Roth.

Not only is the Winnebago County Health Department pushing for private well owners to test their water, but their also taking that message on the road by talking to area school kids in Winnebago County.

"Its an excellent opportunity to teach the children how they should be taking these water tests and why they need to taking the water tests, and they can go home and teach their parents."

Experts say clean water is essential for good health, so if you drink private well water make sure it’s safe for you and your family.