More Than a Million People Learn More About Rockford's Airport in One Day

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In Sunday's business section of the Chicago Tribune, Rockford's airport stood front and center in an article profiling the airport's new passenger service. It's a piece RFD's deputy director Derek Martin hopes will connect to those who normally take off at O'Hare.

"The people that we're trying to capture in the Northwest suburbs that subscribe to that now know there is a service out of Rockford with free parking," Martin said.

The article also focused on what area leaders have already known for a long time: that with 2.5 million people living within an hour of RFD, there's a huge passenger potential.

"The debate about a third airport with Peotone, now that this article has come out, that we've had this viability, it changes the dynamic," Martin said.

However, Martin reminds the area that unless the Rockford and the surrounding communities fill the planes, any media buzz will be null and void.

"If this region decides to take hold and support United Airlines, and we continue to add United Airlines service or bigger aircraft, those will generate more stories and more interest," Martin said.

The Sunday edition of The Chicago Tribune has a circulation of 1.2 million. Allegiant Air will begin service to Las Vegas and Orlando on December 15. Then, United begins its Denver service in March of next year.