Keep Illinois Warm

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The State of Illinois plans to open more than 120 warming centers around the state this week as winter approaches. State officials say they'll help seniors and low-income residents stay warm while they turn down their thermostats in an effort to curb soaring heating costs this winter. Governor Rod Blagojevich says he'll send a letter tomorrow to more than 1,100 mayors across the state asking them to help set up warming centers in their communities. He'll ask mayors to reach out to churches, hospitals, schools, libraries and community groups to make facilities available. Belvidere, DeKalb, Oregon, Freeport, and Rockford will all have a place to escape during normal business hours. The Department of Human Services will have their heat on high so you can have yours on low. This is all part of a way to help keep Illinois warm. The centers are set to open Thursday, December 1st.