Evacuee Thanksgiving

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For the past two days Catherine Scott has been preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but this year the holiday will be a little different as she decided to not only make her Thanksgiving feast for her family but share it with some victims of Hurricane Katrina.

She says “it’s an opportunity for me too, just as I receive a blessing; I give a blessing back to them."

60 year old Thomas Tiallac from New Orleans ended up in Rockford after evacuating from Katrina. Tiallac says he went through a lot, but still has something to be thankful for. "It'll be a very thankful Thanksgiving, I'm alive, I'm here, I'm thankful."

Terrance Landry will be moving here, but says he is most grateful escaping Katrina with his wife and children and recently finding his son. Landry adds, “Rockford's been real good to me.”

An open invitation was offered to more than 30 people at Singer Mental Health and Development Center where Scott works, and will be helping evacuees find homes, and employment opportunities.