School Board Rejects Portion of Superintendent's Merit-Based Pay Plan

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In August of 2004, Rockford's school board said yes to a merit-based pay plan. But Tuesday night, that same school board voting on the plan say no to a portion of it.

By a vote of 4 to 3, the Rockford school board rejects the compensation plan for central office administrators in the district. Now, the board did approve 6 to 1 the new proposed pay plan for principals and assistant principals.

The plan would give an average pay raise of three percent for administrators across the district. However, some board members questioned some leaders getting raises of between 12 and 16 percent, especially after the district outsourced more than one hundred custodians this spring.

"I'm very concerned we've chosen this time, the board has chosen this time to decide to ask for a re-evaluation and to question dr. Thompson's decision at this point," board member Nancy Kalchbrenner said.

"We have cut programs to the bone virtually everywhere we could and now we seems to have money to give to certain categories of people," board member Bob Evans said.

Dr. Thompson now will craft a new merit based plan for central office employees. It's unknown when that would be brought back to the school board for a vote.