Ceasefire & TASC Funding

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The Winnebago County Board approved a public safety fund, and it does not include money for ceasefire or TASC's re-entry program.

This decision has a lot of people disappointed. One after another, people pled with the board on behalf of treatment alternatives for safe communities. Many said it helped them turn their lives around after getting out of jail.

But Winnebago county board chairman Scott Christiansen says they will be able to achieve the same objectives by adding a part time assessment worker at Rosecrance. He says that will maximize the county's money.

The county will take another look at funding for ceasefire. Christiansen says there may be a misconception about the amount of funding the group has from other outlets.

Ceasefire coordinator Ralph Hawthorne says the program will keep running. The money he was requesting would have been used to expand the program with more outreach workers.