2-Year-Old Helps Save Her Mom During Emergency

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A local 2-year-old is being hailed a hero after her mother says the child used her instinct to find help during an emergency. 23 News reporter, Shannon Smith talked to the toddler who says she was just trying to help her mom.

At just 2-years-old, Maurissa Stephenson knew something was wrong when she saw her mom collapse on her bedroom floor. Athena Paulsen says she blacked out while movers from Vaughn’s home furnishings were bringing in new furniture.

“The last thing I remember that happened was I was standing there and then when I was coming to, I was on the floor and my daughter was actually sitting on the right side of me,” Paulsen said.

That’s when the toddler climbed down the stairs to get help from strangers, all while her mom was having a seizure on the floor above her.
The movers rushed upstairs and called 9-1-1.

“She’s an amazing little kid. I can’t believe I raised somebody that smart.”

A smart girl who Paulsen says may have saved her life.

Paulsen says she’s also thankful the furniture movers were running a little late. She says if they’d been any earlier, her daughter wouldn’t have been able to ask for their help.

Paulsen says she never taught her daughter what to do in an emergency. Now she says she’s going to teach Maurissa more information like their address. Maurissa will be 3 years old in June.

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