Robbery Shoot-out

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Samir Rathod was robbed at gunpoint by two masked robbers last night. As thieves made off with his cash they fired through the door. Rathod says a bullet just grazed him, "in my chest, but it went on the other side so I was lucky."

It was at that point Rathod took matters into his own hands. Police report he shot at the suspects as they ran through the parking lot.

"I was trying to just scare them," said rathod.

Rathod hit 17 year old Exzavia Gaston in the back. Gaston is recovering and is not facing charges. But police did arrest a 16 year old. He is charged with armed robbery.

Many customers believe Rathod and other business owners have every right to try to stop criminals. "I mean they put a lot of time and money into their businesses. I think they should have the right to defend their businesses," says Bill Cook, a regular customer.

But another employee at Pridom Liquors says it's not the best idea to go after criminals. Matt Greer says, "The first priority is your safety so just let them get in and out."
Rathod says he did what he had to do. "If someone's trying to hurt me i have to hurt them. I have to save my life."

Rathod is not facing any charges. By law people can argue self defense when they show evidence that they believe using force against someone is necessary in order to avoid a serious injury or death.