Hot Toys for Christmas 2005

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Meet Roboraptor, a remote controlled dinosaur that can guide itself with infrared vision. Jacob and Troy Harrington are mesmerized by the dino and you can be sure he'll be making an appearance on their Christmas lists.

"The list goes on and on, and I already told Jacob, be thankful for what you do get...but, I'm sure you'll get most of what's on that list, but not everything," says Kim Harrington.

Shopko has released it's hot toy list for 2005 and while traditional toys like board games, dolls and cars will always be popular technology is changing the face of the toy industry.
"More electronic stuff...even board games have turned DVD," says ShopKo Assistant General Manager Colleen Matthews.

The technology is advancing, making educational toys the favorites with youngsters.

"The V-Tech interactive learning--that's more for pre-school to early elementary...and all the accessories--they have portables, computers, TVs--it's starting early," says Matthews.

A scanner on the Fly Pentop Computer by Leapfrog records everything you scan and write and the X-Box 360 will debut on December 22nd. It's being called the most powerful gaming engine ever.

"We also have a light saber--a Star Wars light saber," say Matthews.

"Many of us remember one of the biggest toy crazes of the 1980s, Cabbage Patch Kids--well, guess what, they're back and they're in demand. One of the hottest toys for young girls. And the newest addition to the family, Cabbage Patch Babies."

"There's a lot of things on the market that are fun, and I even think its fun for parents, too," says Harrington.

One of the best selling toys of all time has returned... The all new "Furby" uses new technology for enhanced communications with kids...and other Furby toys.