Many Protest Proposed Sports Cut

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Many community members upset about the possibility of the Harlem school board cutting sports jammed the board meeting to voice their disapproval.

The proposed list would sideline sports and other programs in the district if a referendum does not pass in April.

With a budget deficit of two million dollars, the Harlem school board says cuts will have to be made, especially the April 50-cent tax referendum does not pass. The superintendent proposes to sideline sports and literacy programs, but at least one school board member disagrees. She thinks cuts should be made in administration.

These students are hoping the rest of the board sides with her. They say sports and other extracurricular programs provide the motivation to do good academically.

Coaches propose an increase in athletic dues. Right now students pay $50 to play one sport and an additional $25 to play a second.

The board will meet in a special session on Friday to continue to examine the proposed list.