Heating Dangers

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Winter heating bills will be heating some tempers as well with natural gas prices expected to at least double since last winter. Our wallets will be roasting..

"People are going to look to for subsidization of the natural gas heating. They’ll use wood burning stoves, electric heaters, kerosene heaters, fireplaces," says Loves Park Fire Chief Phil Foley.

And one of those alternative heating sources played a role in a Monday afternoon fire in Loves Park. Fire Chief Phil Foley says the home owner was using a wood burning stove when he opened the stove door, a hot ember landed on the carpet.

“He brushed the carpet, and then grabbed the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed around the area to make sure everything was gone. Unbeknownst to him, the spark was still hot. He placed the vacuum cleaner behind his front door, and went to work," says Foley.

Foley says with more people expected to use other heating sources this winter fire safety tips must be followed. Foley says, most importantly, don't ever leave electric and space heaters, wood burning stoves and fireplaces unattended and keep curtains, furniture and anything flammable away from heat sources.

"We've had incidents where people have cleaned out their fireplaces, and put it in paper bags. They set it on their wooden deck, and we're out there, putting out the whole backside of their home. Put anything like that in