City Council Approves Ambitious Yet Controversial Condo Project

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56 upscale condos will soon overlook the Rock River on north Main Street. The project has developers ecstatic, and some neighbors concerned.

Aldermen approve the condo development Monday night by a vote of 9-4, with one abstention. Alderman Doug Mark opposed the condos going up in his ward, arguing the 14 story building is way too close to nearby homes. The developer and some residents, see things otherwise. They argue the condos will raise the downtown area to new heights and jumpstart new retail. The units should cost about $300,000 a pop. The condos will target professionals in the future, but has residents divided in the present.

"When people say this is good for the city as a whole, it's not. It's another instance of our having to settle, our being settled for something that is a lot less than what the citizens of Rockford deserve," Alyson Broman Conn said.

"That type of condominium project, which is high end, will bring people with disposable income and will put pressure on and make it more enticing to development retail, which we sorely need," Karin Gaines said.

Construction on the new condos on north main should begin next summer.