Logli Employee Stabbed to Death

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A senseless crime that led to tragedy on Saturday, 32-year-old Bradley Barrix was killed outside the Logli Supermarket where he worked. He was trying to stop a shoplifter when he was brutally stabbed.

"Everybody likes him, there's an aura about certain people, he's just an all around swell guy," says Cherry Bowl General Manager John Andersen.

John Andersen reflects on Barrix, better known as Joe at the Cherry Bowl Bowling Alley. Joe bowled there at least twice a week, and the thought that he won't be back is devastating to his friends.

"He's everybody's friend, all the employees know him, counter people, food service, the lounge, he's a nice guy, you don't see that enough," says Andersen.

Barrix was a meat clerk at Logli on east State. Saturday night, he noticed 22-year-old Jesse Patterson and 19-year old Belinda Webb, both of Rockford, stealing packages of steaks. He followed them to the door, repeatedly asking the suspects to return the meat/

Thirty-eight-year-old Larry franks was trying to detain the suspects as well.

"A struggle ensued in the vestibule area, Mr. Barrix was fatally stabbed, Mr. Franks was stabbed," says Rockford Police Lt. Steve Pirages.

The two fled in a car with three others, police followed the car to the 1800 block of Mulford, where Patterson intentionally crashed the car into a garage. Patterson and Webb were arrested soon after.

"It's a heinous crime and truly senseless-for something like this to rise to this level of violence over shoplifting is absolutely incredible to us," says Lt. Pirages.

Patterson has a lengthy criminal history, Melissa Lewis manages the building where Patterson and Webb lived.

"They were just a young couple trying to get a new start. I know he had been in prison, and to me everybody has problems, and we were giving them the opportunity to start over, and that blew my mind, they didn't seem like the type at all," says Lewis.

"We're going to try and do something here for the family. We usually run a 50/50, and that type of thing for fundraising purposes. We're going to do it all week long, and just see what we get. Hopefully it will help, but it's not enough," says Andersen.

Patterson is charged with murder and aggravated battery, Webb is charged with murder. Both are locked up on $1,000,000 bond. Logli employee Larry Franks was released from the hospital. The three other people in the car with Patterson and Webb have not been charged.