Taking Responsibility For The Store

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Even though two people are behind bars Logli supermarket workers are having a hard time forgetting about the violence they saw first hand.

Saturday night, 32-year-old worker Bradley Barrix and 38-year-old Larry Franks were just trying to do their jobs. Around 6:30 p.m. Saturday night 22-year-old Jesse Patterson of Rockford and 19-year-old Belinda Webb also of Rockford were caught attempting to steal steaks from the meat department. The two Logli workers tried to detain these thieves but instead were both stabbed just outside the store's front door. Patterson is charged with murder and aggravated battery and Webb is charged with murder.

Bradley Barrix lost his life in a senseless stabbing. He was only trying to protect his customers and his store. A Logli spokesperson says Barrix who was nicknamed “Joey” was well liked by his co-workers and managers. Barrix was a meat clerk at Logli's since 2002 but this was his second employment stint with the supermarket giant. Sunday, the store manager was consoling Barrix's family. A spokesperson tells us a grief counselor was brought in to help employees get through this difficult time. It’s too early to tell what kind of memorial will be set up in Barrix's honor.