Last Chance

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Friday afternoon the Winnebago Teachers Union voted to give the teachers negotiating team the discretion to call for a strike if needed. Now this is all based on what takes place next Thursday.

Thursday and Friday were parent-teacher conferences in the Winnebago School District. But it was also a chance for teachers to have a massive conference together. Over 100 teachers met to take a very important vote. The group decided that the teachers negotiation team has the power to call a strike. Teachers have been working without a contract since August. Parents might have noticed this week that teachers have been pretty much keeping an eight hour day. That's called working the contract meaning teachers show up 15 minutes before school starts and leave 15 minutes after school ends. That was all to show the board that the teachers are sticking together. Lana Daly, head negotiator for the teachers says, “I think we've been one big group. The teachers have supported us and our efforts to try to move the process to a close so we have a contract for teachers in this district."

The teachers union filed an intent to strike on Friday, October 21st. On October 31st, the teachers could have officially gone on strike. Both sides are set to meet Thursday at 10 a.m.