Preparing For Disaster In Boone Co.

Terrorists have released anthrax in northern Illinois…No that isn't the truth but that is the scenario Boone County is currently running. In that event homeland security has put the task of keeping the populous calm in the hands of the County board chair.

Boone county chair Susan Anderson believes “It’s a matter of giving clear directions so people know what to do and how to take action”

Several governmental entities would have to coordinate efforts to keep an emergency from turning into a catastrophe. The department of public health would been in one of the most important roles. They would be responsible for acquiring and administering the proper medication to prevent the 48,000 people of Boone County from developing anthrax.

For practical reasons instead of using antibiotics to treat the fictitious anthrax, patients will be given flu vaccines. Nine hundred flue vaccines will be available starting at 9pm at the Lincoln Middle School in Belvidere on Saturday Nov. 5th.