President Bush Picks Supreme Court Nominee

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President Bush’s latest Supreme Court nomination, Samuel Alito, is already stirring controversy. A political science professor at Rockford College says the President's pick is an attempt to mend fences with his conservative base.

The biggest difference between Appeals Court Judge Samuel Alito and Harriet Miers is their background. Alito has more judicial experience than any Supreme Court nominee, in the last 70-years. And many conservatives claim that is why they favor Alito.

But Democrats say Bush missed out by not going with another woman or minority. They also worry Alito will try to overturn the Roe versus Wade ruling. Alito himself promises to keep in mind the limited role that courts play in our constitutional system.

But a political science professor at Rockford College says we should expect some changes.

Professor Jules Gleicher says, "No matter who is appointed it's going to have an affect on the interpretation of constitution and laws. That's part of the job description."